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If you are looking forward to running a profitable and productive drilling operation, getting the most extended life possible for your core bit is essential. It will ensure that your diamond drilling operation is not hampered frequently. Changing a drill bit is generally a time-consuming task.

You will have to spend a lot of time doing this work, and ultimately, it will impact your productivity. So, it is a good idea to focus on how you can extend the life of your diamond core bit.

If you are unsure how to do this, then don’t be concerned, as in this guide, we will effectively clear all your related confusion. Below, we will talk about the best ways to extend the life of your diamond core bit. Let’s get started with the discussion to understand this well.

Best Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Diamond Core Bit

Suppose a bit averages about 125 meters. So, in that case, if you have to drill about 1000 meters, then you can expect to change the bit around eight times. If you can manage to extend the life of a bit by only 15 per cent, it will also prove helpful.

In such a case, you can expect one less drill bit replacement, which is an outstanding achievement because it will save your time. You will need 4 hours to replace a bit at around 800 to 100 meters. Below, we have enlisted some of the best tips which you can try out to extend the life of your diamond core bit:

●    Always Select The Correct Bit For The Hardness Of Rock You Will Be Drilling In

With the help of the Mohs Hardness Scale, you would be able to measure the hardness of the ground. It is a chart which suggests the relative hardness of different materials. The scale comprises numbers 1 to number 10. 10 indicates the hardest material, whereas 1 is the softest one.

One of the crucial things to note in this aspect is that drill matrices are developed so that it performs perfectly within a particular range of the scale. So, your main goal should be to decide on a bit that effectively suits the hardness of the ground to be drilled. In the market, you will also find the availability of specific tools you can employ to find out the hardness of the ground. It includes a scratch test or Etcher kit.

●    Make Use Of Drilling Fluid Additives

Another best way to extend the life of your drilling equipment is by reducing the torque. You will find the availability of specific products in the market, by utilising which you would be able to achieve this objective. Torqueless is one such environmentally safe product that you can use alone or with other additives.

Using this product in combination with other additives will aid in lubrication. Also, it effectively reduces the chance of wear and rusting of the rods. Additives also work to keep the core bit cool. Often, it is used with DD-2000, which increases the viscosity of the drilling fluids.

As a result, there are high chances for the cuttings to flush out more quickly. Another added advantage of this is that it is non-abrasive. And thereby, it helps to effectively cool and protect the core bit whenever it is mixed with Torqueless. Ultimately, it will result in a more extended bit of life.

●    Go For The Right Waterway Configuration

In this regard, you should consider the waterway configurations which aid in addressing the conditions which you generally come across.

●    Always Utilise A Higher Crown Configuration

The Vulcan is a configuration alternative that helps you extend your core bit’s life. It describes the height of the crown, and it currently comes in 16 or 26 mm. The higher the crown, the more meters you would be able to attain before you have to change a bit. It is vital when you are involved in drilling a deep hole.

Note that the Vulcan configuration was designed with a bridge technology which effectively reinforces the diamond sections. The secret to the success of Vulcan 26 mm lies in its water management system.

It is built with the help of vertical pins that are present underneath the bridge, which again ensures good fluid circulation all through the crown. In this case, the pins are made from the same alloy utilised in the matrix.

So, it will wear at the same rate. Whenever you reach out to the middle point of the bit, they will drop out. It also allows total water flow to the face. These features will again ensure appropriate flushing and cooling of the crown. It ultimately lets you make use of every millimetre of the matrix.

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●    Confirm The Water Flow

You should always ensure a sufficient and proper water flow to the bit. Another important thing is to make sure that your rods do not leak. Finally, maintaining adequate flow and pressure at the bit face is crucial. By doing so, you would be able to ensure that the rock cuttings are flushed and the bit is adequately cooled.

●    Make Use Of A Crown Matrix That Is Tailored For The Ground Type

In this case, you should focus on using a crown matrix customised in a manner that effectively suits the ground type, i.e., abrasive ground. The crown matrix is developed especially for abrasive ground conditions.

These bits generally possess a specialised matrix which consists of a combination of diamonds and alloys. In combined form, these become highly resistant to abrasive conditions. Not only that, but these are incredibly easy to sharpen in harsh conditions.

Wrapping Up

So, one can conclude from this detailed guide that getting longer life is crucial for all your drilling equipment. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you have understood how you can quickly achieve this objective by sticking to some essential steps.

If you are having a tough time getting good life from your core bits in particular ground formations, then one of the best options would be to opt for the assistance of a professional diamond drilling London company like CA Drillers. Schedule a talk with one of their experts today to get the best service.


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