In order to establish itself as a benchmark, DEGIRO targeted the market with an offensive approach. As an online discount broker with multi-asset trading services in more than 84 assets, including equities, bonds, mutual funds, marketplace funds (ETFs), options, warrants, and many more, it is able to distinguish itself apart from its competitors.

By joining forces with German online broker Flatex AG in 2021, DEGIRO achieved a significant milestone in the stock trading industry. With its own banking licence, it currently serves as the biggest online execution-only broker in Europe.

Although having a large variety of assets, DEGIRO does not trade in currency pairs or bitcoins, which are now offered to customers by the majority of other online brokers. This is one of the best paper trading platforms.

Is Investing in DEGIRO Safe?

Many people are unsure whether their money will be protected when using a brokerage. Trading professionals should check for two essential things to feel safe and secure. First, a little about the broker’s history. Second, what risk management strategies the broker has in place in case it becomes insolvent.

Since its founding in 2008, DEGIRO has maintained a successful track record, achieving an overall success rating of 90%. Because happy traders shared their experiences with this broker.

The Dutch Central Bank and the Holland Financial Market Authorities both fully control this broker. Furthermore, it is registered with the financial regulators in the countries where it conducts business, such as the FCA in the UK.

The stocks and ETFs available through this brokerage are exchange traded, so in the case that the company files for bankruptcy, the assets from any asset class will be protected because the trader is the actual owner of the stocks and ETFs, they buy from DEGIRO.

This broker is safe, and the platform offers two-step verification, which we highly suggest to protect the account secure in case that your password is compromised. Additionally, a variety of IT security procedures are in place.

Why should Degiro use Tier 1 banks?

A Tier 1 bank is considered as the best and most secure option for customer capital. The term “tier 1” truly reflects the integrity of a bank’s finances. A Tier 1 bank often has large core capital reserves and the ability to absorb unexpected losses.

What does it indicate if Degiro deposits your money in a Tier 1 bank?

All money you deposit with Degiro is maintained in a bank with sufficient capital to handle your withdrawal requests even if Degiro were to cease operations for some reason. As a result, we can say confidently, Degiro is relatively safe and the best paper trading platform.

Please keep in mind, though, that trading in financial assets carries some risk. Accounts may face damage as a result of insufficient market research, a lack of experience, or a failure to exploit the brokerage platform’s resources.

When trading stock assets, it’s common to lose money quickly because of share dealing, investment group trading, ETF trading, futures trading, trading in unsecured products, bonds, choices, and warrants. Only engage in trading when you are aware that there is always a chance that your invested money could be lost due to market volatility. On their platform, Degiro makes it very apparent that your capital is at danger.

Since we’ve clarified a few key Degiro-related queries. Let’s take a closer look at the Degiro features. When dealing with Degiro, try setting up two accounts. The first is your real account with real money, and the second is your practice account. Your test account is the demo account. You can create your own favorites list and read tailored news about the assets in your investment on the platform, which allows for more customization.


We studied Degiro in-depth for more than three months. Although we found several extremely helpful features of the Degiro platform that would be beneficial to some traders, ultimately, we believe that you would be better off using a Degiro alternative.

Degiro offers a variety of services with a proven track record, including share dealing, investment vehicle trading, ETF trading, derivatives trading, leveraged instruments, bonds, futures, and warrants. Degiro has been around for more than 88 years. At least 10 people make up Degiro’s reasonably strong customer service team.


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