Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency focused on protecting user privacy and built based on scientific research. It was developed and launched in 2016 based on research by scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Israel Technological University, University of California and Tel Aviv University.

Zcash is a digital currency just like Bitcoin (moreover, it was built on the original Bitcoin code). However, the protocol includes many improvements, primarily concerning privacy and anonymity. Zcash can be used to buy goods and services or to exchange for other fiat/crypto currencies.

In Zcash, the user chooses what information to share and what information not to share. Addresses and associated balances are not visible to all users. Payment disclosure and special keys can be used to share transaction information with third parties or auditing.

If you follow Zcash coin news, you know that the project has been launched and supported by Electric Coin since 2016. Electric Coin is a team of scientists and engineers who developed the ZEC protocol based on scientific principles. The company does not control the currency, its extraction, or distribution. Each user of the network contributes to increased decentralization, making the system more resilient to failure. Electric Coin’s team members stand in line with the rest of the network.

In March 2017, The Zcash Foundation was founded, a non-profit organization not legally affiliated with Electric Coin. The purpose of the foundation is to help keep the evolution of Zcash in the right direction. The organization creates the infrastructure for online payments, works to preserve privacy, and serves users. According to Zcash price charts, we can conclude that the project is reliable and stable

Feature of the cryptocurrency, technical implementation

Key features of Zcash cryptocurrency:

  • Benefits and efficiency. Zcash can be used as a cheap and secure means of sending money or purchasing goods/services.
  • Regulation and auditing. Private transactions and addresses can be disclosed by the user at will.
  • Decentralization, resistance to hacker attacks.
  • Private transactions and addresses.

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Zcash price charts: advantages and disadvantages of the project


  • Anonymity, the importance of which was described above.
  • Difficulty of mining. At the moment, for profitable ZEC mining it is not necessary to buy ASIC, less powerful equipment will do.


  • Only the Linux operating system is officially supported.
  • Transactions are not too fast, because the system performs a lot of calculations to send them

Outlook and Forecast

Analysts suggest that in the next few years Zcash will become an extremely popular tool for those who value the anonymity of transactions and don’t want to reveal the movements in their account.

Important improvements play an important role in the advancement of the project. They will simultaneously increase the productivity of the network and strengthen the confidentiality indicators. Plans include simplifying smart contracts, improving scalability, and perfecting the consensus mechanism.

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