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Coming up in just a couple of months is one of the nation’s largest beauty trade show events of the year. Trade shows are often a highly trafficked tourist and business hotspot that many people go to enjoy and find out what’s new in the industry. This leading B2B beauty event has every beauty enthusiast talking about it for months, waiting for the weekend when it finally takes place. The event held in Las Vegas for the year 2023 is one that is highly anticipated and very well attended. Trade shows like these give the entire beauty industry throughout the nation an opportunity to gather together, collaborate, create meaningful relationships, sell products and gain more exposure for your beauty brand. This event is one of the biggest beauty expo shows in North America and if you are at all into beauty, this is the place you are going to want to be from July 11th-13th in Las Vegas.

High Attendance and Industry Specific

There are many shows throughout the nation that can cover a wide variety of businesses that have similarities with each other. With this particular expo, it will be an incredible niche and very industry specific when it comes to beauty products and supplies. The top suppliers from around the nation will join other local businesses to promote their products. Many guests that have attended this event have said that due to the sheer volume of industry specific exhibits, it is worth every bit of time and money that it will take to attend. This show also gains a lot of traction due to the high volume of those who attend. On average, this show sees around 40,000 attendees over the course of the event and will see over 1,400 exhibitors! The saturation of this industry in such a short amount of time is what makes this event so popular among beauty enthusiasts.

What You Are Going to See

When going into such a huge trade show, it is important to have an idea of what you are going to see so that you can be prepared for the entire event. Along with seeing hundreds of exhibitors and many guests, you will likely see the 10×10 display booths that many exhibitors will use to display their products and their brand logos. You will see many representatives from different companies and there will likely be some free samples and swag given away to help promote certain brands. There will be speakers and beauty professionals present at this event as well as attendees from around the world who have gathered for this massive event.

Stay Up to Date at This Event

Cosmoprof North America is all about displaying modern products and staying up to date with the latest beauty trends. This trade show will help you learn new things about the industry and how to stay current with trends that are constantly changing. The education sessions that are presented will increase your knowledge of beauty, products and procedures and will aid you on your beauty journey – whether you are an exhibitor or an attendee. It is a great opportunity to do some market research and network which can benefit any business. Make sure you stay in the know and attend one of the largest beauty events in the nation – Cosmoprof North America 2023!


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