Comprehensive Guide on Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness- Effects and Remedies

Surging fatality rates due to dreadful viruses is an alarm that people need to get aware of it and adopt remedial measures to fight its resistance. The below article puts light on the meaning of AMR, its consequences and the need to generate awareness of the same.

What is AMR?

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is a resistance that people are developing due to enhanced usage of antibiotic drugs in their life. Antibiotics have a pivotal role in treating different infections, but gradually the bacteria are getting immune against the infections with antimicrobial resistance. And this is prevalent not just in humans but also in animals.

Is AMR hazardous? How is it challenging the existence of the human species? Many pharmaceutical companies India are conducting regular research to figure out how AMR triggers and the possible drawbacks the coming generation might face.

Need to Spread Awareness about AMR in Public

Prolonged ailments due to viral infections and the reduced impact of antibiotics are a warning signal that one must not miss. This results in surged-up medical expenses, extended hospital stays and a shockingly higher fatality rate. AMR is a global threat that can pose bigger challenges in the future if not addressed rightly.

People have to develop a new approach towards the intake of antibiotics and their usage. Although science is progressing and newer medications are on board, changing the behavior of bacteria still poses a big concern. Antimicrobial resistance refers to the reduced effect of antibiotics against diseases. Few common measures recognized by WHO and UN to practice include regular washing of hands, adequate vaccination and maintaining suggestive hygiene standards.

Key Facts You Must Know about AMR

  • Antimicrobial Resistance is an international emergency that can affect food security, people’s well-being, and overall societal development.
  • AMR is subjective to both humans and animals as it is the bacteria that are getting stronger, and no one can be rescued from its havoc.
  • The development of AMR is gradual, natural and misuse of antibiotics gears up the pace of its growth.
  • Treatment for prolonged infections like Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, salmonellosis and gonorrhea is getting trivial due to the lesser efficacy of antibiotics in dealing with them.
  • Identifying and evaluating the seriousness of this issue can help change the destiny of generations ahead.

What Must People Do to Fight AMR?

Antimicrobial resistance is a serious threat as newer viruses with dangerous mutations are on the verge of spreading drastically. As a result, healthcare providers find it difficult to treat even the common diseases and infections. Concerning this, the common infections are triggering with a harder impact and illnesses like Blood poisoning, foodborne ailments, pneumonia and tuberculosis are becoming an international threat.

Lowered effectiveness of antibiotics results when it is given to the animals or people without legit prescription and emergence. Overuse of antibiotics as a standard treatment for borderline sicknesses is a big reason for the growing AMR problem.

Unfortunately, we are making an entry into the post-antibiotic era where minor sickness can kill, and it’s true. Society needs to get more responsible and careful about the use of antibiotics to diminish the AMR concerns.

Start with these individual measures such as:

  • Consume antibiotics only on strict prescription by healthcare professionals.
  • Do not prompt to take antibiotics if it’s not suggestive by the healthcare expert.
  • Follow the guidelines related to antibiotic treatment under strict supervision.
  • Avoid severe diseases by following common hygiene practices like washing hands, avoiding contact with ill people, and intake regular vaccination.
  • WHO also issues an advisory that says consuming thoroughly washed veggies and well-cooked foods is important. It helps in staying free from the intake of any bacterial composition.

Venus Medicine Research Centre- Remedial Measures Adopted!

Venus Research and development is committed to combating Antimicrobial Resistance and the emerging problem of immunity against medicinal drugs. We can hint at the economic and physical losses that AMR could commemorate if appropriate measures are not followed with diligence. The analysts and researchers have spent countless hours identifying the resistance developed by various classes of bacteria and their intensity on the same.

Some bacteria are also deriving multi-drug resistance as per the study, and it’s more significant in medium or lower-income group countries. We are heading towards the pre-antibiotic era, and it’s evident that only 13 million people globally get antibiotics who need them urgently. At the same time, 27 million of them have an unnecessary intake.

Venus research center is heading towards adopting a national action plan and holistic solution to deal with AMR. Measures like enhanced surveillance of drug use, strengthening of CDC measures and plans, regulating the market flow of antibiotics and strategic policies of pharmaceutical companies India can make the difference.

Probably all of this can help in fighting back the AMR catastrophe!


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