Colorful weaves are always great and you are here because you are in love with them. They will help turn your dream hair into realization and make you win great compliments. However, any person who has at one point used the colorful weave will be aware of the mechanics that comes with wearing one and maintaining it.

Most people are known to make mistakes which shorten their colorful weave lifespan. In this piece, we will be looking at some of the common mistakes colorful weave wearers needs to avoid.

Wearing the Weaves Just Like That

Never put on your hair weaves just like that. One of the reasons why you are investing in a good quality hair is that you want something that looks as natural as possible and very glamorous. Ensure you wear the weaves in the right way possible. For example, if you want to get sleek, straight and long locks, you will not want the weaves to hang uneven at the ends. It is advisable that you hire a professional stylist to help sew in weave to ensure the weave achieves the right blend and flow.

Keeping Them Too Long

Weaves made of natural human hair are considered to be of the best quality in the market. Right weave should last at least one year with the right maintenance. Never leave your hair weaves past 8 to 10 weeks since they will start appearing limp and lifeless and can lead to new growth to the loc and mat.

Not Keeping in Mind the Natural Hair Line

When you leave out your natural hairline, your weave will look unnatural. It is advisable that you always apply relaxers to the hairline and style to ensure it goes well with the weave. This will ensure you achieve the most gorgeous and natural look.

Failing To Keep the Tab on the Odor

Yes, the hair weaves do smell too just like the natural hair. The hair weave deserves the same type of treatment your natural hair receives.  However, detecting foul odor can at times be very difficult especially since you are not putting it for longer periods. It is therefore important that you keep tabs on the odor always and at least wash your weave two times a week.

Purchasing Synthetic Hair

One mistake most women are not aware of is purchasing synthetic weaves.  Since most of the human hair weaves do cost slightly more, there are women who find it quite affordable to go for the cheap synthetic weaves without putting in mind the huge disadvantages that comes with it.  Despite being costly, human hair weaves are known to be very durable and can easily be styled to taste without lots of effects.

Avoiding the above mistakes is very easy. You just need to know how to take good care of your human hair weaves and all will be well.  It is recommended that you purchase human hair weaves from certified hair websites or hair stores.


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