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Billboards are strategically placed in high-trafficked areas to communicate and disseminate information. They also provoke thoughts and ideas.

We all know that a busy consumer or moving around a lot can be challenging to catch. However, it’s possible to capture them in any place with good reach.

Marketers and advertisers prefer advertising because of this. Advertising’s primary objective is to attract and catch consumers’ attention.

Large format billboard poster can be used to advertise large distances, usually more than 50 feet. These displays include but are not limited to posters, bulletins and junior posters, and spectaculars.

There are many types of billboards: mobile billboards; digital billboards; multipurpose billboards; inflatable billboards; bicycle billboards; mechanical billboards; dimensional billboards.

Why Is A Billboard Important For Business?

Billboards advertising have the great advantage of not interrupting consumers. There is no loud noise, smell or another negative attention grabber. Their messages, bold colours and creative graphics are what make them stand out.

Advertising is essential because it has high visual impact, low price, high product visibility, and delivers messages immediately. Advertising is one of the best ways to increase brand recognition.

Billboard Poster can be a tangible reminder of who we are and what we have accomplished. They not only improve the visual quality of any area they are placed in, but they also serve to remind us of the past and present.

The best thing about this advertising medium is its ability to grab attention on the move. Advertising on billboards is a great way to get people to compare their situations with the ones displayed.

Research shows that the physical attractiveness of models can have a significant impact on how people see value and purchase products.

What’s The Purpose Of Billboard Advertising?

The UK’s out-of-home (OOH) advertising spends on the rise, with digital channels dominating this sector. The DOOH spending will rise by almost 10% while accounting for 54% of total outdoor advertising budgets.

While digital billboards are becoming more popular in the market, there has been an increase in outdoor advertising channels. Traditional billboards can be a crucial part of any integrated marketing campaign. They can also drive assisted conversions across multiple channels.

6 sheet billboard advertising can be multifaceted. It can be used to accomplish a variety of strategic and core marketing objectives. These include:

1.      Increase Brand Awareness

While major brands are often preoccupied with digital marketing channels, modern platforms like email and social media allow users to take immediate and quantifiable actions.

However, television and billboards are better suited to brand advertising principles than offline channels like television and billboards. There are several reasons billboards are effective in brand awareness.

Extra-large poster printing give brands a greater reach among their customers than other advertising mediums, such as 96-sheet roadside advertisements or smaller posters at train stations and buses.

Statistics show that bus shelters are seen by up to 92% in the UK every week. A staggering 71% of customers still remember seeing the billboards daily.

2.      Cause Controversy

Unicorn marketing is a term that refers to a data-driven approach to marketing that emphasises how content performs rather than pre-written rules.

Instead of trying to conform to arbitrary content guidelines regarding structure, length, or subject matter, create impactful material and encourage engagement from your target audience.

It is easy to see how unicorn marketing principles can be used with billboard advertising. Many highly successful campaigns have been based on controversial and extremely current content that brands are often reluctant to use.

3.      Sell Your Products

6 sheet posters are one of the most versatile marketing channels. Both digital and traditional ads can add value at various stages of an advertising campaign.

We’ve already discussed how billboards can be used as part of an advertising campaign for a brand. However, they can also be used directly to sell products or services and compel customers to take immediate action.

This is supported by plenty of evidence, including billboards being cited as key drivers for assisted conversions and high volumes of online interactions.

This is especially true in social media, where billboards and OOH media drive more than television, radio, and print.

These Are The Key Takeaways From These Findings:

  • Billboards can increase brand engagement with customers. This, in turn, leads to increased interactions via social media channels.
  • This assisted conversion increases the chances of an online sale. Brands are now beginning to realise the value of billboards in product marketing.
  • Billboards can also be used to advertise products and ranges, as opposed to services. This is because large-format ads allow for stunning visuals that capture customers’ imaginations.

4.      Promote An Event

It is easy to see why billboard advertising has become so popular. Events are often only advertised for a short time, so it is essential to maximise your exposure.

This is why traditional billboards work well for this purpose. Each one has a single advertiser, where message remains available for 24 hours a day during the booking.

Digital billboards, on the other hand, require you to share space with up to five advertisers. This means that your message might only be visible for 10 seconds each minute.

This will drastically reduce your visibility in the locality, while the high cost of digital billboards will mean that you’ll pay more for much worse results.

Event planners are often on a tight budget and need to minimise expenditures while maximising profits. Similar to the above, retailer’s in-store may also consider strategically placing billboards to promote a promotion or sales event.

This 6 sheet advertising can be strategically placed to reach core demographics in a particular geographic area, aside from their engaging nature and high visibility.

This means that organisers can concentrate on marketing their event to locals to optimise their marketing spends and increase their eventual return on investment.

5.      Your Footfall Can Be Increased

We now come to the topic of footfall. Billboards are undoubtedly capable of attracting local customers and driving them to your store.

These extra large posters are impressive. 32% of customers admitted to visiting brick-and-mortar stores in the same week they saw a billboard advertisement.

Surprisingly, 24% of respondents said they had visited the store advertised the same day. This demonstrates the effectiveness of billboards in attracting shoppers while they are on the go.

6.      Be Recognised As An Authority

We mentioned earlier that billboards are among the most trusted advertising channels. This is an essential consideration for the digital age.

This is especially true for businesses that target Millennials a lot. They are increasingly sceptical of large brands and saturated online marketing spaces.

Figures show that 73% of US Millennials have an ad blocker installed on at least one of their devices by 2016. This number is increasing year on year. Similar trends are also evident in the UK as younger customers avoid aggressive and promotional ad content online.

Advertising your brand on large posters UK is a great way to reach younger customers, build trust, and eventually become an authority in your market.


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