A balustrade is used as in staircase to provide security and prevent accidents, provide support to the climbers. There are various options available when it comes to a balustrade. Glass balustrade stairs are the most popular amongst homeowners. A balustrade is an important component of a staircase, but with a glass balustrade, you get both safety and aesthetic appeal.

Glass Balustrade Stairs is a fabulous way to improve the look of your house, property or building. Glass balustrade staircases are available in different styles and sizes to suit the dimensions of any building. Glass balustrade staircases allow for unobstructed views of your stairs or room below. Glass balustrade staircases are also available in various colours, styles and designs so they can match the look of any house or commercial building. Glass staircases also provide an impressive and stunning effect when used in stairway interior designs.

Glass balustrade staircases are available in many different styles, sizes and designs that can help you achieve the look you desire for your home or office. Glass balustrade staircases are very affordable due to their low cost production. Glass stair banisters are also available in different styles and sizes so you can easily find one that best suits your staircase. Glass stair banisters are made from toughened glass, so they are not prone to cracking and chipping. Glass balustrade staircases are also available in different colour schemes to suit the decor of your home.

If you are planning to build a new home or are renovating the one you currently reside in, a glass balustrade would be a good addition to it. We have listed some of the benefits of glass balustrade stairs to help you understand why they would be a good fit for your home.

  • Easy to Clean

First things first, a clean home is everyone’s dream. But it isn’t easy to have one. You got to put in a lot of effort every couple of days to keep it clean and tidy. With a glass balustrade, the task would be a little easier. A simple wipe would clean them of any dirt or stains. Using a glass cleaner solution would further clean it of any strong stains, that are hard to remove.

  • Require minimum maintenance

Glass balustrade stairs are easy to maintain years after years. It requires minimum maintenances comparing to traditional balustrade materials such as wood and iron. Iron is the strongest material but it requires maintenances after few years. Even if they get scratched, simply polishing the affected part would make them look as good as new. It would considerably bring down the maintenance cost, a major factor in the long run.

  • More Light

Unlike other materials, glass doesn’t block light. With a glass balustrade, every corner of your house would be illuminated. This would cut down the power consumption, thus leading to a considerable reduction in the power bills. These factors may appear trivial initially but play a major role in the long run.

  • Durable

Glass balustrade stairs can be installed both indoors and outdoors due to their ability to resist even the most extreme weathering conditions. They can withstand water, sunlight, with the same aesthetics they can last for decades. . Once installed, they are bound to last for a couple of decades without requiring any major maintenance or repairs.

If you opt for other materials, say wood, it is prone to termite infestation and if not properly polished, it will be severely affected during rain. Metal balustrades are prone to rust, if not maintained properly. The ability of glass balustrades to easily resist the weathering factors and impacts makes it the first choice of homeowners.

  • Illusion of space

One of the most important benefits of glass is that it creates an illusion of space. Therefore, if you go with glass balustrades, your house will look more open and spacious. Although just an illusion, it is one of the reasons why most people opt for glass balustrades.

  • Enhance the aesthetic value

Though mentioned at the last, this is a major factor. Everyone wants a home that looks appealing and is bound to impress people. Glass balustrades do just that, as it has designs etched plain or foggy glasses. They enhance the aesthetical appeal of the whole place by complementing the surrounding. Also, these go with all kinds of interiors, thus you wouldn’t have to worry about changing the whole theme.

After reading the above benefits, we believe it’s safe to assume that you are far more inclined towards the idea of glass balustrade stairsthan you were a couple of minutes earlier. Any why shouldn’t you be? They offer everything that a homeowner looks for and will easily fit in your budget.


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