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Abigail Shapiro, sister to Ben Shapiro and a renowned opera singer, is considered one of the most inspirational personalities in celebrities with a life full of unbelievable achievements, right from a young age.

Who is Ben Abigail Shapiro Sister?

While we know that Abigail Shapiro is an opera singer, she is also a well-known American Actress, YouTuber, Blogger, and Social Media Influencer. The credit for her fame worldwide goes to a great many successes that she managed to achieve at an early age.

Abigail has been seen in many television sources and films. Her YouTube channel also offers Abigail a lot of attention from followers and viewers.

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Despite her popularity, she hasn’t had it easy during her childhood. There were many obstacles she had to endure, but she persevered in the hopes of achieving her dreams. Currently, Abigail is happy and lives an opulent lifestyle like most celebrities.

Keep reading to take a dive into the ups and downs of her life in the past few years!

Her Early Life

Born on 8th November 1992 in LA, California, USA, Abigail Shapiro has David Shapiro, a pianist, for a father, and Mrs. David, a housewife, for a mother. She also has two sisters and a brother as part of her family.

Ben Shapiro, Abigail’s brother, is a conservative political commentator in America and famous for hosting his podcast – the Ben Shapiro Show. Both her sisters are equally involved in music, one playing the Coachella and the other having her heart set on playing the piano.

Ben shapiro sister began her elementary education at a local school in her hometown. Since her early years, Abigail displayed promising skills in singing. Whenever she looked through her talents, singing was the one to stand out. As it was also her passion, she decided to turn it into a permanent profession.

Later, she joined the Manhattan School of Music in New York to build a strong career in music. She completed her three years course successfully in opera and classical singing.

Her Career

Abigail Shapiro began her career in acting by appearing in a couple of films. In 2007, she appeared in ‘A Light for Greytowers’ as a young Jewish orphan named Miriam Aronowitch, which turned to be one of the best old-time musical films.

In the movie, she had the role of protecting her Jewish religion while residing in a Victorian orphanage. Abigail’s performance was spectacular, which paved the path to an early career in the acting industry.

In 2012, Abigail was part of a popular television series called ‘Glee’ as a supporting actress, playing the role of a golden globe singer.

When she turned 16, Abigail was deeply fascinated by music because of her father and decided to start taking opera lessons. However, she managed to keep up with her formal education by later enrolling at the University of Southern California for her graduation.

When she was confident with pursuing a career in the music industry, she enrolled at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music for a rigorous three-year training in classical singing and opera.

In 2014, Abigail appeared on two of her father’s YouTube videos where she performed opera in ‘Hello! Oh, Margaret, It’s You,’ and ‘Adieux de 1’hotesse arabe.’ Initially, her father took the initiative of sharing Abigail’s talent with the world through his YouTube channel.

However, she decided to take over at the beginning of 2019 by creating her own YouTube channel. On 4thFebruary 2019, she posted her first video named ‘Classic Winter Look – Winged Eyeliner and Dark Lips – Makeup for a Polar Vortex’ on her channel.

Her Journey Through Fame

After starting her YouTube channel, Abigail uploaded many videos to gain her viewers’ attention. Some of the videos that received a lot of love from the community are ‘Comfy to Classic in 5 Minutes,’ ‘10 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Wide,’ and ‘15-Minute Hairstyle – How to do your hair on a rushed morning.’

As an accomplished opera singer, she was well-versed with popular operas, such as La Clemenza di Tito, The Abduction from the Seraglio, and Madama Butterfly.

Being a sister to Ben Shapiro, a conservative commentator, had subjected Abigail to misogynistic and anti-Semitic trolling on the internet because of his high-profile status and controversial opinions.

She became a controversial personality in 2020 when she uploaded a video with the title, ‘Conservative Women, It’s Our Time.’ in the video, she referred to herself as a ‘conservative influencer.’ She mentioned the role conservative women played in society and did her bit in encouraging traditional gender norms. Though she received love from many women, Abigail had to endure backlash because of her strong beliefs.

Her video ‘Why I Came Out as Conservative: Conservative Women NEED a Community’ became highly unpopular. In the video, she expressed how it has become difficult for people to express their conservative beliefs due to the fear of losing their friends and jobs, particularly in the artistic community. She also mentioned how conservative women have it much harder compared to conservative men in being taken seriously or expressing their views. As a conservative, she feels there’s a need to create a community where people can express their conservatism freely. Her YouTube channel – ‘Classically Abbey’ – is supposed to serve as that space where conservative women can voice their opinions.

Her Social Media Presence

Abigail Shapiro has an active social media presence on every platform. Because of this reason, she has amassed a considerable following everywhere.

On Instagram, she has over 34.5k followers, and her Twitter handle has more than 60.7k followers. However, her Facebook page has a lower follower count of around 8.6k followers.

Because Abigail is an active YouTuber, her channel has more than 95.8k subscribers with over 265 videos.

Her Marriage

Abigail Shapiro officially married her husband, Jacob Roth, on 28th May 2018. He works at the headquarters of Young America’s Foundationas a Staff Attorney in Reston, Virginia. Abigail’s social media relays how happy she is with her husband, and there is even an impressive birthday wish dedicated to her loving husband on her Facebook page.

Abigail appears to be an adventurous person who loves to travel to different places. She enjoys visiting new places and opening herself to the present moment and enjoying the beauty newness has to offer.

She lives in Virginia, United States, but they also simultaneously live in Nebraska. Currently, Abigail Shapiro and Jacob Roth do not have children together.

Her Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Abigail Shapiro is USD 1 million. There are numerous sources responsible for her high net worth. She mainly earns through her regular appearances as a singer and actress. These two sources are responsible for most of her acquired wealth. However, she has more sources apart from these two, with YouTube being one of the prominent ones.

Additionally, she also takes part in advertisements and brand promotions from where she earns some amount of money. Her current net worth allows Abigail to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Closing Thoughts

Abigail Shapiro is a multi-talented individual with a lot to offer society. She has had difficult moments in life, which is the same as anybody else in the entertainment industry. Though her opinions and beliefs may not be popular in the modern era, she has managed to hold on to them, spreading them worldwide. Her hard work and perseverance are what keep her going, making her one of the few inspirational icons of this generation.


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