MacBook Tips

Did you know that there were 20 million Macbooks and Macs sold last year alone? 

That’s a ton of Apple hardware that has made its way out into the market. The question is though, how are those users getting the most out of their Macbook computers? 

Do they know something that others don’t? 

Truth be told, if you keep reading you’ll find out the best Macbook tips that online content has to offer, we’ll get you using your hardware at its best! 

Macbook Standard Tips

There’s a whole wide world of Apple awesome just waiting to be tapped into! Most Macbook computer features come standard with all machines and can be personalized to you and how you choose to use them. 

1. Siri, The Voice Assistant 

All Apple devices come stock standard with Siri on board. She’s there to help you easily access information across your devices. 

This voice assistant is even clued up on more casual language, so she can take action on just about anything. Also, she speaks a few different languages. Let her help you turn up the volume on your device or answer those nagging 3 am questions. 

2. Amazing Apple Pay

Most of us have credit cards, debit cards, a PayPal account, a Wise account, and many other accounts to help manage our moola. So, why do we need Apple Pay? 

Basically, it gives you a secure way to load up your payment options and pay with your phone virtually anywhere. Because what is the one thing that we never forget? Our phones. And to get the most out of your Macbook laptop, you can sync your Apple account from your iPhone to your computer, and have everything housed in one secure account. 

3. iCloud Heaven 

Having an Apple account, which we need to log in to our Macbooks and Apple devices, gives you access to iCloud. Yes, there are paid options, depending on the amount of space that you need. 

But this means one thing for you, absolute peace of mind when it comes to the backup of your data. 

You can set your Macbook to automatically backup data from your iPhone and your Macbook to your iCloud account, so if anything, ever goes wrong, you don’t have to worry that you’ve lost everything. 

Side note: the cost of these iCloud packages are not insanely expensive and is affordable even for those on a smaller budget. 

4. Airdrop Is a Thing of Beauty 

Remember the days of transferring files via Infrared and Bluetooth? 

Well, now that you’re on Macbook, say hello to Airdrop! 

If you work with other people that use Apple products, you are now able to share massive files or even entire folders with other people with a simple click of the Airdrop dropdown menu item. 

Let them allow the transfer and Voila! You no longer have need of large file transfer software when you’re working between Macbooks. 

Sneaky Macbook Tips

Now, you don’t have to be a technological genius to know that all computers come with sneaky shortcuts to help you reach optimum efficiency, and Macbook is no different. 

5. Sneaky Copy And Paste 

Did you know that with Macbook, you can copy something on your iPhone and paste it on your Macbook? 

All you have to do is make sure your Bluetooth or WiFi is switched on, on both devices. This means you no longer have to sit and type things out or email them to yourself. 

6. Screenshot How You Please 

Sometimes, when you’re taking a screenshot, you don’t actually need your entire screen. You don’t want the wallpaper of your celebrity crush sneaking out behind the work you are about to submit. 

Do you know what you can do on Macbook to avoid this? 

You’ve got the ability to screenshot just the pieces of your screen that you want. Simply select Command and Shift buttons and then press the 4 key, now you can drag out a rectangle around the section that you want. 

7. Funky Fonts

Your Macbook computer comes standard with a way to install and use new fonts across your device. Whether you’re working on Apple software or on external packages like Adobe. 

You can absolutely customize the fonts on your Macbook, visit this link to find out more:

8. The Search Key 

Organizing files and folders on our computers is generally not top of our priority list until such a point that it becomes a problem. 

Whatever your file or folder problem might be, the little magnifying glass on the top right-hand side of your screen can save you tons of time. 

Click on it and type in the name or part of the name of what you’re looking for. This handy search feature searches across your device, your iCloud, and even the internet to find the things that you need. 

9. Pre-load Your Signature 

There’s not a moment that escapes all of us where at some point we have to digitally sign a document. Especially given the current global pandemic. 

So, do you know what Macbook has that can help with this? 

You can add a signature to the preview app on your Macbook. This makes signing papers fast and effortless. In the Preview app, navigate to Tools, then Annotate, then Signature, and boom, Manage signatures.

The Magical World of Macbooks 

These Macbook tips should have you covered as you attempt to get everything that you can out of your computer. From efficiency tools to things that are just downright convenient, there’s pretty much nothing a Macbook can’t do for you. 

It’s no wonder that Apple users the world over are always trying to convert their friends and families over to the technology brand giant. 

Looking for more great technology content? We have an entire section of tech stuff just bursting with useful information, head on over and check it out now. 


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