7 Tips for Easy and Deep Rugs Cleaning

Rugs and carpets can help to bring a room together and add an elegant touch to your space. They are amongst the best home decoration items to add colours and create an illusion of larger spaces. They are adaptable to almost all themes in your house.  Rugs for living room serve multiple functions, like softening hard surfaces, adding textures and colours to the room, and dividing spaces in your living room.  But maintaining your favourite rug is not that complicated. 

There are multiple ways through which you can clean your carpets and rugs without any major requirements like a vacuum cleaner or cleaning experts. Follow this comprehensive guide with 7 easy ways to clean rugs and carpets.

Remove the surface dirt and other debris.

Whenever you think of deep cleaning, it is always advisable to begin by cleaning the surface first. For cleaning the carpets for living room, remove the excess dirt, pet hair, and other spills that are visible on the surface with the help of a brush. Removing excess dust will make your job easier and allow you to deep clean with fewer efforts.

Prepare a cleaning agent and do the spot test.

Once you roll out your rug for the laundry, you must choose the right cleaner. The different fabrics of rugs demand different kinds of cleaners, and to ensure that always do a little research about the ingredients of your cleaner. If your cleaning shampoo is too harsh, then neutralize it by adding some water. Follow the strategy of spot testing before using the cleaner for the entire carpet, as some cleaners might damage the fibres of your carpet. If the spot test is successful, then apply the cleaner, spreading it gently on the whole surface of the carpet, and leave it for 10 minutes.

Scrub and wash your rug.

After your rug is well soaked in the cleaner, it is now the time to do the deep cleaning. Firstly, scrub the rug with a brush that has soft bristles or use a sponge for delicate rugs. Repeat the same process for a good 10 minutes and then wash it all off in rounds. If you notice any dirt or stains on the rug, then repeat the same process for a flawless finish.

Use baking soda for harsh stains.

If you spot any harsh stains, then baking soda is the best way to eliminate them. Oil stains and other difficult stains can be easily removed with a vinegar and baking soda solution. Apply the solution to the stains and leave them for a minute. Scrub it gently with a soft brush and rinse it off once the stain is removed. Again, it is always advisable to do a spot test before you apply the solution to a larger area of the rug.

Rinse all the soap off 

Ensure that all the soap has been rinsed off your carpet. If some amount of soap solution is left unwashed, then it might lead to discolouration in particular spots. A proper rinsing regime using  water ensures that no trace of soap is left behind. Check the runoff water to be sure if all the soap from the carpet is cleared or if something is left behind.

 Dry the rug 

On completion of the washing process, put your rug out to dry. One thing that you must be mindful of is the delicacy of your rug and the drying procedure. The softer and intricate carpets for living room need to be dried in the shade. However, the tougher ones made with stronger fibres can be dried out in the sun. It is very important to ask for washing instructions before purchasing the rugs because one wrong step can lead to lifelong damage to the rug.

 Final touch 

To give a clean and finished touch to your carpet, brush your carpet once it is fully dried. When washing the rugs and carpets, the fibres tend to get entangled, and brushing them revives the squished threads and fibres. Now your carpet is squeaky clean to bring life to your abode again.

Along with these tips, there are some additional ways through which your rugs can stand the test of time and tide. These are as follows:

  • Cleaning your rugs twice a year: It is always recommended that you clean your living room rugs and carpets at least twice a year. Doing so maintains the overall look of the carpet and keeps it new and refreshed.
  • Be cautious while using delicate rugs: For delicate rugs, be mindful while using them in everyday use. Do not step on them with dirty shoes, keep your pets away from them as much as possible, and prevent food spills
  • Don’t let the stains stay for long: If your rug accidentally catches any kind of stain, clean it immediately. If the stains are kept for a long time, then it becomes difficult to remove them later.
  • Wash the rug from both sides while deep cleaning: If you choose to deep clean your rug, then wash it thoroughly from both sides because dust particles are present not just on the upper surface of the rug but also on the opposite side as well.

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These were some tips and tricks to easily wash and deep clean your rugs for living room at home. These quick tips will save you a lot of time and money. However, if you are a first-time cleaner, then be cautious about the basic tips and tricks of cleaning and washing. When in doubt, always err on the side of caution to ensure your rugs remain bright and colorful always.


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