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id you know that Americans are spending around $5,000 each year on health care? You might be able to avoid some of these costs if you make a point of maintaining good posture. And fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard.
Read on to learn about 7 helpful tips for great posture!

1. Give Yourself Reminders

It’s easy to slouch when you’re tired or stressed — or just unaware. That’s why providing a few visual cues can help trigger your body to get out of a bad habit. Add some sticky notes to your computer monitor or above your desk.
Provide a few questions or reminders about the benefits of good posture. You’ll improve your body’s circulation and avoid lower back pain!

2. Strengthen Your Core

When it comes to maintaining good posture, it helps to have a strong core. Doing crunches, sit-ups, and other abdominal exercises several times each week can help your core build strength and endurance
Turning to yoga is a great way to achieve good posture. You can also turn to rowing to strengthen your core and other muscles in your body.

3. Use a Standing Desk

Do you sit at work all day? If so, you might have a chair that’s not conducive to good posture, and your computer monitor might be at the wrong height. An easy corrective measure to take is to invest in a standing desk.
You’ll reduce back pain and the stress on your neck as you improve your posture. You might even feel more energy, too.

4. Get Better Support

Especially for women, biology can impact your posture. If you don’t have the bust support you need, your shoulders might roll forward more often than you realize. Investing in an adjustable bra in the correct size can work wonders!

5. Try Diaphragmatic Breathing

Yes, even the way you breathe can affect posture. By trying to breathe from your diaphragm rather than your chest, you won’t be as likely to strain your neck or chest.
Try to inhale and exhale from your diaphragm, which sits beneath your chest. Practice doing this! You’ll know you’re getting the hang of it if your shoulders stay relaxed and your rib cage doesn’t move much.

6. Start Weight Training

If you’re looking for more tips for good posture, hit the weight room. While strengthening your abdominal muscles is critical to maintaining good posture, other muscles can impact it, too.
Focus on strengthening the rhomboid muscles near your shoulder blades. Stronger muscles in this area will help keep your shoulders from slouching forward.

7. Sleep on Your Back

A good night of sleep can improve your energy and your posture. But you need to avoid sleeping on your sides or stomach. Your spine will thank you!
Learn How to Get Great Posture
When you’re trying to achieve great posture, you’ll need to be alert to your body throughout the day. Remind yourself to avoid slouching and consider a standing desk. Try to sleep on your back and focus some of your time on core and strength training exercises.
For more ways to improve your health, check back soon for new articles.


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