Lip Injections

Everybody dreams of fuller, well-defined lips, but not everyone is blessed with attractive lips. With the help of non-surgical cosmetic lip fillers in Melbourne, you can certainly add volume and proper structure to your lips to make them look fuller and attractive. Before you undergo a lip augmentation procedure, here are the 5 things that you must know.

  1. Understand your needs

While the lip augmentation procedure may seem straightforward, you need to first analyze and make a decision on how much bigger or fuller lips you want. Do you want slight enhancements to make your lips appear natural and well defined, or do you want fuller and plump lips that completely alter your appearance? Many cosmetic doctors recommend adding the right quantity of lip fillers in Melbourne to achieve subtle well-defined lips that are proportional to your facial proportions.

So, you need to be clear with your wants and needs. Only then can you effectively communicate with the cosmetic doctor who can help you achieve the desired lip shape, volume, and size by administering the right lip fillers in Melbourne.

  1. Know that outcomes will vary

You may have the best discussions with the doctor on the kind of lips you want, you need to also keep in mind that the actual result may vary from your expectations. While the results will be positive and convincing; you will achieve fuller, structured, and well-defined lips, but it may not be as per your higher expectations.

Therefore, set realistic expectations when you walk in for consultation and recommendations with the cosmetic doctor on lip augmentation procedures. It helps as you will be more happy and satisfied with the final result. Lack of information about lip fillers and how they work often leads to women setting unrealistic expectations from the lip enhancement procedures. Therefore, seek more information about the procedure to make an informed decision on the lip augmentation procedures.

  1. It is temporary

One important thing that you need to understand about lip enhancement procedures is that they are temporary. The lip fillers add volume to your lips, increase their size, give proper structure and make them well defined to match your facial proportions. However, TGA & FDA-approved lip fillers are not a permanent cosmetic solutions. Lip enhancement procedures are long-lasting; the results will stay for a long time, but they are not permanent.

There is a reason for this. As you age, every year your facial features change. Your cosmetic enhancements need to match and stay proportional to the natural facial changes. With permanent solutions, your lips may stay the same but other facial features around it may change. This would greatly impact your overall facial appearance and defeat the purpose of cosmetic treatment.

For this reason, lip augmentation procedures are temporary, so that you could redo the procedures to match your changing facial features from time to time.

On the average lip, enhancements last for about 8 to 12 months depending on the type and quantity of lip fillers used.

  1. You can add more later

The best thing about lip enhancement procedures is that they could be customized as per your needs. You could get them in phases to check the improvements in your lips. And if you want, you could add some more of the filler ingredient later on if you want your lips to be fuller and well defined. This allows you the flexibility to check the results and then seek lip filler procedures again to add extra volume and shape to your lips.

Since it is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, you can plan to get it done whenever you feel like it. It is so swift, you can get it done even during your lunch break. Lips augmentation procedures don’t need any downtime. You can go back to your daily routine almost immediately post the procedure. Such flexibility is what attracts most people to lip augmentation procedures.

  1. Very minimal bruising

In general, the lip enhancement procedure involving lip fillers doesn’t cause any major bruising. Since very fine needles are used to administer the fillers underneath the skin, there could be very little bruising at the injection site, which is quite normal and temporary. The bruising goes away within a few days post-treatment and you achieve plump and fuller lips. The doctor recommends applying ice immediately post-treatment to reduce the swelling if any. To achieve the best results, you need to follow the doctor’s guidelines and instructions. They are for your benefit and are simple and easy to follow.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre uses premium FDA-approved lip fillers in Melbourne for lip augmentation procedures. To know more about Lip fillers consult Dr. Shobhna Singh today.


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