Having a fire within your home is very scary. There are many different things that can cause a fire such as cooking, heating, electrical, and candles. You should always be cautious in your home when dealing with any of the items above. But there are some things that are just out of your control. If you find yourself in a situation where there has been a fire within your home, be sure to contact professionals to take care of the fire damage. Below are the steps that most professionals will take when it comes to the restoration of your home.

Water Clean Up

When there is a fire, the most common tool used to put out the first is water. This means that after a house fire, there may be a large amount of water within your home. There could be a couple of inches of water or more depending on the severity of the fire. With water being used all over your home that means it is likely soaked into your home. Your furniture, ceiling, floors, and walls will have retained moisture. With commercial graded equipment they will come to pump out standing water and pull out the moisture from the home.

Debris Clean Up

Once the water is out, they are able to start cleaning up. After a fire, there can be a lot of debris that is left over. Depending on the severity of the fire, pieces of walls, furniture, or ceilings may be on the floors. Cleaning up as much as possible makes it easier to see what is salvageable from the damage and what is going to need to be replaced.

Smoke and Soot Removal

We all know that where there is fire, there is smoke. When you have a house fire, the smoke can be soaked up by your home. Leaving you will a smell and a hazardous environment to be in for your health. Soot from items burning is all over the place and can find small spaces to settle. Also dangerous to your health if breathed in. With special equipment, they are able to pull smoke and soot out of our home. This is for your health and because the smell is not one you want sticking around.

Final Assessment

As debris is moved out, the damage is able to truly be assessed. You are able to see what is able to be saved, what will need to be repaired, and what will need to be replaced. Having a clean space allows professionals to truly understand what needs to be done. This allows them to give more accurate estimates and information to your insurance company as well.


Once a plan is put into place, they are able to start the rebuilding of your home. They will make sure that as they make the repairs to your home that they are up to code and that everything is done well. They will be able to make your home feel good as new.


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