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A sneaker can elevate an outfit while providing comfort. This streetwear staple has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Sneaker collectors, or sneakerheads, are usually part of the sneaker resale market.

Did you know that the sneaker selling industry is worth more than $60 billion? The number continues to grow as more and more people look for sneakers to add to their collections. Sneakerheads collect to get satisfaction in scoring rare items.

The value of sneakers changes with the supply and demand. Rare colorways and original stock levels increase the value of the sneaker. The shoe designer is also an essential factor in determining the sneaker’s value.

Keep your collection fresh by knowing which shoes to add to your sneaker collection. Continue reading to find out which must-haves you need in your collection.

1. Air Jordan 1s

Nike is now one of the largest and most popular clothing brands worldwide. The company revenue was over $11 billion in the fiscal year 2021. The growth comes from their innovative products and global brand popularity.

In 1985, Nike’s creative director released the Air Jordan 1s. It came in three different cuts but, the high cut were the most popular ones. These shoes became one of the rarest sneakers because of their limited release.

Michael Jordan made the Air Jordan 1s famous by wearing them on the basketball court. They banned the shoes because they went against his team’s uniform guidelines. Its red and black colorway stood out in the court.

The Air Jordan 1s are the most versatile pair in the lineup. These retro sneakers go well with simple outfits like jeans and a shirt. If you were to pick, go for the highs as they are more popular than the lows and mids.

Air Jordan 1s features the brand’s original ball-and-wings logo. Nike’s creative director sketched it on a napkin during its early phases. The inspiration comes from the idea of a guy who can fly with wings.

Peter Moore, the designer, focused on color while designing. He wanted to bring a pop of color to the basketball court. It continues to gain popularity because it now symbolizes Michael Jordan’s greatness.

2. Nike Air Force 1 Low

In 1982, the great designer Bruce Kilgore came up with the Nike Air Force 1. Inspiration came from the plane of the US president. Since then, it got popular in the streets of New York, especially with the youth.

Due to its popularity in the inner cities, it got nicknamed Uptowns. The shoes were a staple in streetwear because of their subtle design. It comes in low, mid, and high-top styles.

One of the unique traits of these classic sneakers is the medallion at the bottom of its laces. This solid white sneaker is a versatile piece every collector must-have.

The Air Force 1 started production in 1982 and, it stopped in 1984. The re-release in 1986 featured the modern italic Nike logo. The Swoosh on the bottom back of the shoe added to its branding appeal.

When it comes to design, it features a circular outsole design. The high-top versions come with a belt on its ankle. The all-white colorway is now the popular choice for fashion and sneaker enthusiasts.

Sneaker collectors consider the Air Force 1 hard to find after rappers made it famous. These sneakers symbolize the competitive fashion trend in hip-hop.

3. YEEZY Boost 700

The famous rapper Kanye West collaborated with Adidas in 2006. This fashion collaboration brought YEEZY to life. The lineup included various items like sneakers, jackets, and track pants.

Shoes from the collection became coveted thanks to celebrities. The sneakers are part of an exclusive lineup that cater only to a specific group. Adidas makes a limited supply for its potential buyers.

In 2017, Adidas released the YEEZY Boost 700. At that time, only white and black colorways were available. The shoes became a status symbol for the younger generation.

Resale value is one reason collectors add the YEEZY Boost 700 to their collections. A pair could sell four times its original price. Depending on the size and color scheme, the price of these sneakers could go higher.

Go with the neutral palette when buying sneakers like the YEEZY Boost 700. This colorway is what made the brand a staple in fashion. The shape of the shoe features a unique modern style.

Collecting sneakers is now a form of investment. As time goes by, the value of these sneakers increases. Rare sneakers like the YEEZY Boost 700 are not an alternative asset.

4. Nike Dunks

In 1985, Nike released Dunk High as a basketball sneaker. The company focused on colors that represent a specific team. It offered fans an opportunity to support their teams by sneaker buying.

Nike Dunks focus on helping athletes perform better. The tagline ‘Be True to Your School’ became one of its selling points. It launched with campaigns that feature similarly-colored bags and clothing.

Through their packaging design, Nike made their sneakers stand out. The orange box became an iconic symbol of luxury. This marketing strategy is a step up from the usual white or blue boxes.

Skaters made the Nike Dunks a style staple in the late 90s. The low-cut shoe provided cushion and support when skateboarding. This event proved the versatility of Nike Dunks when it comes to performance.

5. Adidas Samba

Adidas is one of the companies that use billboards as an advertising tool. The company introduced the Adidas Samba as a soccer shoe in 1949. The original design featured the classic three-stripe design.

The Adidas samba became popular with soccer players. It became the first choice because of its traction. Because of this, the design sold over 35 million pairs worldwide.

It made many appearances in popular movies and on television. This aspect is proof that the Adidas Samba survived the test of time and trends.

Sneaker collectors value the history that comes with the Adidas Samba.

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These are the five sneakers to add to your sneaker collection. Follow this guide and grow your sneaker collection one pair at a time!

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