Necklaces are even older jewels than rings and have been used by women and men in different civilizations and cultures worldwide. Starting with simple ribbons or chains with an artistic pendant, then passing through necklaces with pearls and glass beads.

We bring you this article with the best necklace designs you can buy on the Internet and tips to make the right choice. So, if you want to know more about the original best jewellery online stores, this article is for you.

What types of necklaces are there?

Necklaces are one of the most classic jewels that exist and do not go out of style. Since ancient times both women and men have adorned their necks with necklaces. These beautiful ornaments have persisted over time, and today modern necklaces are still worn, made of all kinds of materials, with beads and charms, long, short, medium necklaces, and colorful stone and pearl necklaces.

The variety and types of necklaces are very numerous, and how long they are usually worn. It is essential to know that there are different standard necklace lengths, and they are calculated in centimeters that can go from 30 cm. to more than 1 meter in length.

The smaller necklaces (from 30 to 33 cm.) are called necklaces, so they are also very short and fit around the neck. As you can see, the terms necklace and choker can be mixed, but they have these subtle differences.


It is one of the shortest necklaces that exist. It is worn flush with the neck and also feels great. It is the choker. Today it is the ideal companion for party dresses and night outs. It goes very well with low-cut garments and bare shoulders. Chokers are usually between 36 and 41 cm long.

During the French Revolution, this jewel was widely used by women who wore a red ribbon around their necks in homage to those killed by the guillotine. Although chokers have been present in paintings since the 16th century, the Indian choker necklace is pretty popular in India during weddings. 

Princess Necklace

It is a slightly longer necklace than the choker since it measures from 43 to 48 cm, and they are a bit looser. A classic pearl necklace is usually made in this type of measurement. One of the advantages of princess necklaces is that you can wear them with an open or closed neckline (above your clothes), and they also look great.

Matinee Necklace

A matinee is a necklace a little longer than a princess or choker. It is a piece between 50 and 60 cm long. It is the classic slightly longer necklace you can wear in your everyday casual looks and formal elegance.

Opera Necklace

Opera necklaces are even longer, measuring between 75 and 90 cm. This name is known because they were used especially with party dresses, but today it is a modern necklace that can be used daily and looks great both day and night.

Rope Necklace

The rope necklace is the longest on our list and one of the favorites and most chosen by haute couture designers to present their new collections. The ropes are necklaces that measure up to a meter or even more and can be used in different ways: knotted, doubled, or combined with other shorter necklaces.


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