A mangala sutra, also known as a thaali, is a necklace that the groom ties around the bride’s neck during the Mangalya Dharanam ceremony in the Indian subcontinent. The necklace is a visual representation of her status as a married Hindu woman.

Mangalsutra is thought to regulate blood pressure and blood circulation in the body of the woman who wears it. Traditionally, the bridegroom gives it to the bride during the wedding, and the married woman wears it to symbolise the married couple’s feelings of love and commitment.

In this article we are going to talk about mainly mangalsutra only and four types of ideal mangalsutra to gift to your partner…

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Solitaire Mangalsutras are perfect if you want to keep a hint of tradition while composing it in a modern style.

The same black bead string is tethered to a bright solitaire piece in these pieces to make your look ultra-chic and appealing.

The best part about this type of mangalsutra is that this can be worn upon both traditional and modern outfits.

This mangalsutra is your go to option as it is quite trendy and many celebrities are opting for the same style.

  • The personal touch

You’ve probably heard the expression “marriage is a private matter.” If that’s the case, why not customise your Mangalsutra? Yes! You can do that; there is no need to stick with a standard design.

In fact, many newlyweds are deviating from tradition and creating something unique.

Many celebrities too like Sonam Kapoor has been opting for something like this.

You too can go for anything either your name initials, name, sun signs any memory, I mean almost every thing that can be a memoir for both of you.

  • Meenakari Mangalsutra

Check out the different options from any jewellery shop in Jaipur when selecting Mangalsutra designs from this category.

These locations are brimming with exquisite Mangalsutras. Meenakari, as we all know, is a Rajasthani design, and these pieces are ideal for those who prefer to keep things traditional.

The best thing about Meenakari work is that it comes in a variety of vibrant colours and designs, giving you a small window for personalization. As a result, there may be quite a few options to choose from.

This type of mangalsutra must be traditional but is classy and chic too, so you keep this mangalsutra in your go to list for sure!

  • Long Chain Mangalsutra

If you haven’t noticed, there is a lot of experimentation going on with various Mangalsutra designs.

The newlyweds do not want to stick to tradition and are thus incorporating their own style into the mix!

Long-chain Mangalsutra designs are the result of such out-of-the-box thinking. These pieces, in particular, can feature a high low chain pattern with knot details.

If you are someone who wants to stand out of the crowd and look more trendy and chic then this type of mangalsutra is your on the go option always.

So above were some types of mangalsutra that can be your go to option in order to gift one to your partner as these are all trendy and chic mangalsutra designs.


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