If you are an avid traveler, you must have experienced many problems during your journeys. When you travel so much, you must accept all that comes with it. Not all of your travel plans will run smoothly. Hence, you must be prepared for certain situations and know how to react.

  1. Issues with Connectivity:

When traveling to another country, choosing the right cellular service is essential, or you will end up with a phone that will be utterly useless. The main issue that arises here is that you may not be aware of the best service providers in that location. The best way to figure this out is when you check the review online reviews, which will give you an idea of which SIM you should apply for.

But then getting a physical SIM card for a network is tedious as you have to reach the location and get one from their store. Why would you want to go through all these complicated procedures when applying for an eSIM is that simple? You can pre-apply for the eSIM card even before you reach the destination so that as soon as you land in that country, you can switch to the desired cellular network quickly through phone software and start using your cell phone without losing connectivity.

  1. Getting Mugged:

It is a known fact that a few countries are more dangerous than others. Hence, you must check online about government warnings before visiting the place. You can also check other forums for the opinions of travelers who have already been there. You may read many things online; hence a word of advice would be not to believe everything. But let us be honest, it can happen to anyone traveling. You can get mugged in any country, be it a safe country or one not called so safe. If it happens to you, what should you do next? Well, for starters, do not panic. You are alive, and that is a great place to start.

The first thing you should do is inform the local authorities, as you will need a copy of the complaint filed if you need to claim any insurance.

Once you are done with it, you can contact your family members and ask them to wire you some cash if required. If your passport has also been stolen, contact the Embassy so they can help you further. Once all these things are handled, you must also deal with the emotional aspect of what happened to you. You may feel violated and not want to crawl out of bed for a few days. Well, for starters, it is not your fault. You need to accept what has happened to you and move on. There is nothing personal about the attack; it could have been anyone. It is OK to be angry and frustrated. But letting that ruin the rest of your holidays will only waste your hard-earned money. Don’t let these criminals ruin your journey.

  1. Losing Your Phone:

It may seem like the worst possible thing to happen to you in your travel, mainly because we depend on our phones. You may have your laptop with you still, but not having a phone can be a significant setback during your journey. It is because nowadays, we use our phones to do almost everything, like online payments, search for locations, and stay connected with family members. It is even used as a translator in a country where you do not understand the language.

You may definitely start panicking as suddenly you feel handicapped. But take a deep breath and consider what you must do next. If you have your laptop, connect to public Wi-Fi and try to locate your phone’s location. If you have dropped it somewhere, you may be able to identify the exact spot. If someone has stolen the phone, the location can be given to the authorities, who can help you track it. If these tricks do not work, change all the passwords you have stored on the phone so they cannot access any of your accounts anymore.

We use our phones for many security alert messages and receive text codes we need for making payments. This may make it further difficult for you. Hence before you even start your journey, you need to learn all your passwords and update all your account details. Also, set up a backup email account to receive all those codes.

When carrying an expensive iPhone, it is best not to draw much attention to it. Use your phone cover to hide the logo, or keep it out of plain sight. Lock it inside your purse or keep it inside your coat pocket instead of carrying it around in your hands, which will be easy for thieves to snatch. If you have a spare device, you can also take it on a long journey which can help you in such situations.

  1. Not Speaking the Local Language:

Well, this is a common problem any traveler may face, but there is a simple solution to this as well. There are many countries famous for tourism where the locals speak English. Hence, when you visit such countries, it will not be an issue.

If you have time before your travel date, try to learn a few common phrases you can use during the journey. If you are visiting a country where people do not use English much, you can always download a translator app on your mobile phone, which can help you travel.

The Bottom Line:

When traveling alone, you may face multiple problems throughout your journey. Always remember not to panic, but figure out a solution. Every situation has some easy answer, and if you are cool-headed, you can quickly figure out what to do next. Remember to not spoil your entire journey because of some minor glitches in between.


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