wedding arrangements


Catering is taken to honor guests before the Church or the registrar, whether it is to come to the bride and go to pick up the bride or to organize a reception where the newlyweds come together. The selection in Toronto and its surroundings is really large, so you won’t have any problems finding it, now it all depends on what exactly you want from the groceries.

Prices per person range from 10 to 20 CAD. So for a wedding of about 200 people, you will have to pay around 2.5 thousand CAD. Although, there is no need to order according to the number of guests, so you can order a smaller number of portions for 200 people because there is usually enough food (but all this is individual again. At some weddings not even half is eaten, and at some, it fits .It depends on whether your guests, so consider when ordering who comes to you). Drinks are usually not included in the catering offer, so you have to take care of it yourself (which is more cost-effective), but of course, you can arrange it, so the price of 10 CAD per person is added to another 5 CAD per person for a package of drinks.


Unfortunately, jewelry stores in Toronto offer more or less the same (as can be seen in the shop windows). But the advantage of each is an individual approach to each pair. Therefore, if you have any idea what kind of rings you want, feel free to come with a picture to any jewelry store and identical rings will be yours in a very short time. The cheapest pair of rings start at 500 CAD, and there is no limit for the most expensive. It all depends on how much you can and want to set aside. It is no longer worn. Rings can be easily processed and adjusted, you will save a significant amount, and yet there is a sentimental value to the ring that is not to be overlooked.

If you are up for enjoying a bit of luxury, you can also rent a limousine!

In that case, limousine rental will cost you from 200-600 CAD for three hours, and more (depending on how long you rent and for how many people). You can hire a limousine from limo service Toronto, you can get various packages customized to your needs.


Flowers are mostly a segment where most newlyweds strive to save, but there are also those looking for true luxury. The average price of decorating a car ranges from 40 CAD and more, a wedding bouquet can be found for as little as 60 CAD, and the highest price of a flower arrangement for tables (which of course depends on the wishes and possibilities of the newlyweds), ranges from about 10 to as much as 200 CAD (for the youth table). But we repeat, everything is relative, but everything is also achievable. Today, the possibilities of decorating are real small art, so every wish of a young couple can be realized.

Then there are lapels and confetti (gifts for guests) which again today are of all kinds and shapes. Prices per lapel range from 1CAD per person to more, and confetti from about 2 CAD per person to more (depending of course what you want, if you make them yourself, etc.). The price of a lapel for 200 people costs around 125 CAD, and confetti (which is shared by a couple, family, etc.) costs from 100 CAD to more.


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