Many people take their bodies for granted. It is a complicated system that works without being asked to. There are so many components that go into keeping your body running smoothly. Typically you dont think about how great your body is until it isnt working like it used to. Once your body isnt working as it’s supposed to, you begin to wish your body was what it used to be. This could include experiencing consistent pain somewhere in your body. A lot of people can experience hip pain, and dont realize all that their hip does until it is in pain. The hip is not the largest joint in the body but it bears the body weight during static or dynamic postures. It is a ball and socket joint commonly affected by osteoarthritis and arthritis. If you are experiencing hip pain see Pick PT Rexburg and below are some things you can do on your own that may help your pain.

Stretch and Exercise

In the morning you can stretch and exercise in order to get your muscles working. After a night of sleep, your muscles may be a little tighter and not ready for the day. By stretching, you are allowing your muscles to loosen up and get warmed up to support your body throughout the day. Stretching is a great way to avoid any further injuries to your body. Exercise does some of the same things as stretching. It allows your body to get ready for the day while strengthening your muscles. When your muscles are able to gain strength it gives your bones more support. It allows you to keep your mobility in your joints as well.

Low Impact Activities

If you are experiencing hip pain, be sure that you are participating in low-impact activities. High-impact activities are hard on all of your joints but especially your hips and knees. It is best to avoid activities like running, jumping, or anything that includes any of those harsh movements. For low-impact activities, you could do walking as your form of exercise. If you dont enjoy walking or it is still too hard on your joints, water aerobics is another great choice. With water aerobics, the water takes away the impact on your joints. But you can still get a good workout and use your muscles to strengthen them.

Listen to Your Body

When you are experiencing some type of pain in your body be sure that you are in tune with your body. Be sure that you are listening to it and taking note of what agitates your hip pain. Maybe walking tends to cause pain in your hip but you are able to cycle without any pain. It could also be certain ways you are sitting, or if you sit for too long. Each body is different so you have to pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. With time, you should be able to know exactly what will cause your pain to flare up or what activities are okay to do. If every experience any sharp pain, it is best practice to stop what you are doing immediately and seek out advice from your physician.


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