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As diverse as the reasons are that people fall in love, there are just as many reasons why people get divorced. It is impossible to narrow down why every single couple decided to go through with a divorce, but there have been some fairly common reasons why the majority of these relationships have ended in a split according to some popular statistics. It can be helpful to know these reasons and understand warning signs in your own relationship and what factors could end up leading down the path of divorce. These reasons can often be intertwined with each other, but these are just broad common reasons why a couple may get divorced.

Cheating and Infidelity

Definitely one of the biggest factors of divorce is if one spouse was unfaithful to the other. Infidelity can cover a range of aspects from physically cheating on someone to emotionally cheating. These are some of the biggest challenges that a marriage, or any relationship, can face and most relationships don’t recover from the incident. When that trust is broken, it can be hard to regain it so many couples choose to move on. Cheating is not always just one offense in every situation. There can be instances where the infidelity happened on multiple occasions before the couple eventually called it quits.

Addiction Tendencies

When a relationship is overrun with addiction and addictive tendencies, it can become the addicts top priority. Relationships tend to suffer when not put at the forefront and there are many divorces that cite addictions as the main cause of a divorce. There are quite a few different addictions that could be prevalent in a relationship that can cause it to lead to a divorce. Some of those addictions could include:

  • Alcohol or drugs
  • Gambling
  • Sex or pornography
  • Work

Addictions have been known to not only break apart relationships but to tear apart families as well. They can be very powerful so it’s no surprise this is one of the more common reasons for couples to get divorced.

Irreconcilable Differences

There are many divorce situations that cite irreconcilable differences as the primary reason for their divorce. Every couple goes into a marriage with differences and strengths and weaknesses, but incompatibility can arise when you are not aligned on many important matters. Friction can occur between a couple when the big things in each other’s life don’t seem to get aligned throughout the course of their marriage. Those differences could stem from differences in personal life (like where and how you want to live), religion, life goals, or core values. This difference is not easy to navigate after you are married but the irreconcilable difference covers many different topics which makes it a common reason people get divorced.

Help Can Be Found

Despite all the reasons why couples choose to get divorced, there is always help to be found. If the marriage can be saved, working with a certified therapist can help to work through issues in marriage and develop healthy habits to keep it going strong in the future. If your marriage has reached the end of its course, divorce lawyers are available to assist you. If there are children involved, a child support lawyer can be with you every step of the way to ensure fair child support payments. Whatever the next course of action is, know that there is help all around that can be found.


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