For many people, some of their goals in life are to get married and have a family. When you decide the time is right to add another person to your family, it can feel exciting. Once you get pregnant it is a joyous time. But there are a lot of things that many people forget to tell you about being pregnant. Most pregnancies come with their own challenges but in the end, are worth it when you get to see your child. Some of those things are aches and pains such as back pain, morning sickness, and heartburn. These things can be really unpleasant but worth it in the end. 

Aches and Pains

When you become pregnant, there are a lot of hormone changes that are happening within your body. Your ligaments get more elasticity in order to stretch and make room for the baby. This is needed but also causes all of your ligaments to loosen such as in your pelvis. Causing things to not stay as aligned as they once were. With carrying another body, your body has to compensate for the extra weight and shift of weight. This can cause extra strain on one’s back, especially as they lean back to try and compensate for the extra weight carried in their belly. Aches and pains are very common while pregnant. 

Morning Sickness 

Especially during the first trimester, morning sickness is very common. It is called morning sickness but it can happen any time of the day and makes you feel nauseous. It can be hard to keep things down, certain smells could bother you, and it can be a really hard phase of pregnancy. Many, will try to snack all day long to combat nausea. Most individuals find that morning sickness decreases once they are in the second trimester. Unfortunately, some do experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. This can be really hard when you have other children that you still have to take care of while you are feeling nauseous. 


Tums can become your best friend while you are pregnant due to heartburn. It is common during the third trimester of your pregnancy. This is because the baby is large, and has pushed around your organs. Your stomach is typically smaller at this time and pushed up higher in your abdomen. Acidic foods and foods that are high in fat are common causes of heartburn. Spicy food or large meals can also be a cause of heartburn. You may be very careful with what you eat and how much but still may experience heartburn. Sitting up for 20 minutes after your meals can help your food digest.

Symptoms are Worth It

No matter how hard your pregnancy may seem, it will be worth it. If you experience heartburn, body aches and pains, and morning sickness it can seem that pregnancy will never end. Pregnancy is something that can be really overwhelming and stressful as you go through the entire process. Having a support system can make a big difference in your experience. Loved ones that are able to help you through pregnancy and after the baby is born are a great resource for you through these changes. 


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