Intel Evo Platform

The global laptop market was valued at 103 billion in 2020. What this means is that consumers are constantly searching for the best laptop options.

However, the average person may not know about the amazing benefits of an Intel Evo platform. So if you want to learn more about this technology, then keep reading!

1. Second Release from Intel

Intel Evo is very similar to Project Athena. If you’re not familiar, Project Athena was created by Intel in 2019. And to be considered a “Project Athena” laptop, the device must have a long battery life, fast charging times, and overall a fast system responder. 

There are also extra features like LTE, voice recognition, and wifi. And during the initial launch, Intel promised a second release better than the first. And this is where Intel Evo comes into play. 

2. Rigorous Testing to Qualify

Evo brought a new form of a laptop that excels in specs and KEIs. However, not any laptop platform can receive a certified Evo badge. The laptop must have a Core i7 CPU or an 11th Gen Intel Core i5.

The laptop must also possess Intel Xe integrated graphics. And of course, the laptop must also possess a high-powered battery with at least 4 hours of life.

The battery must have 30 minutes of charging times, and it is able to wake up in 1 second! These rules do vary slightly but the battery life is the biggest key factor for getting an Evo badge. 

3. Fast WiFi Connection

One of the first reasons you should consider Intel Evo has the fastest wireless connection! In fact, every laptop with an Evo badge has Wi-Fi 6. This standard will ensure that you get a fast wireless connection.

However, you may be wondering what if your home or office does not have Wi-Fi 6 options. Well, don’t worry because the connectivity speed will still be the same! 

Nevertheless, for a router with Wi-Fi 6, the connection speed can be 3 x faster when compared to a regular standard router (Wi-Fi2). Even if the router has other devices in the air!

4. Fast Wired Connections

Not only does the Evo platform have the fastest wireless connection, but it also has the fastest wired connection. In fact, most Evo platform laptops have Thunderbolt 4 connections. And they also have USB-C-sized connectors that can send data at 40Gbps, which is the fastest speed for wired connections!

5. Many Standards Are Supported 

Other laptop options that do not have Thunderbolt 4 may not support every standard. However, with Thunderbolt 4, a general USB device or maybe a device with an HDMI connection, will be supported.

And of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Overall, any type of connection you need will work with an Evo-certified laptop!

6. Amazing Battery Life

For a laptop to have an Evo badge, it must have all of the designs with an FHD display. This display must follow the standard of which means it must perform for longer than nine hours.

But these nine hours are measured in real-world activity. In other words, it must perform above a standard work-day and possible break times. And of course, the 30-minute charging makes it easy for you to get back to work as soon as possible.

Something that other platform options do not provide. And the 30 minute charging time can get you at least 4 hours of work time. So you won’t have to go back to charging after just a few minutes of work.

7. Best Audio and Video Quality

Another benefit to consider is the great audio and video benefits. Evo platforms have a high-quality screen with at least a 1080p resolution. And the webcam itself has about 720p HD. This means you’ll have a clear screen during web videos for school, work, or socializing.

The screen also has a brightness of 250 nits which is for those who like to work outside. Lastly, the microphone and speakers for Evo platforms are top-notch. So you can video record, listen to postdocs, and videos with a clear sound.

8. Amazing Built

For a laptop to meet the Evo standards it must have a great design. This means the laptop must have the highest quality materials and design patterns. 

So you will never get a laptop that has a cheap design or looks to it. In fact, Evo-based laptops need to be less than 15 mm thick. Therefore, most of the designs are sleeve, lightweight, and easy to travel with. 

9. Fast Wake up Time

No one wants a laptop that takes 10 minutes to wake up. But luckily, Evo-based laptops can wake up in about a second! In fact, the second you open the laptop, it will already be ready for use.

This may seem insignificant but over time these factors really determine how you perceive your device.

10. Longevity of the Product 

Because Evo standards are very high most laptops with this badge can last for years. In fact, the products and manufacturing that go into these laptops beat any other commercial product.

You will also be able to stay updated with current applications and software without lagging. This factor is very important, especially if you do any time of video or audio editing. Or if you have a massive workload on your laptop.

11. Accessibility 

It is not too difficult to find a laptop that has an Evo platform. Any laptop manufacturers can have this title. For example, Lenovo, Dell, Acer, and even HP. 

Many people think that because these laptops are high quality, that it can be hard to buy them. However, Evo-based laptops are fairly accessible to the public.

12. Price

The price of an Evo-based laptop can be the same as any other laptop, except you are getting better quality. So when you are laptop shopping don’t just look for the most popular releases because you might be paying more without getting the quality.

Instead, invest in an Evo-based laptop that may even be the same price. You can visit this page, to get a detailed list of prices and more!

13. Great Keyboard Displays

A repetitive issue with regular laptops is their inability to create an open working environment. The keyboards are often too small or too large. However, an Evo-based laptop also has rigorous testing for its keyboard. 

The features it must possess are a backlit camera, good-sized keys, and zero lagging from the touch to the screen. All of these make for an enjoyable and faster workload!

14.  Modern Core Processor

As stated earlier, most Evo-based laptops must have an 11th generation core 7 processor. But what does this mean for your daily processes? For starters, with this kind of processor, you will have VINO support and Intel DL Boost.

These factors allow for the user to get fast-acting processes and help with any tech-related question. Furthermore, the 11th generation processer will also allow for noise reduction and voice services. These factors are all important for new users!

15. Great Dual RAM

All Evo-based laptops require 8GB of dual-channel RAM. But also a minimum of 256GB of fast NVMe SSD storage. And because of the high RAM, all of your files get stored within seconds. And your laptop won’t slow down the higher the storage gets. 

16. Easy Log In Options

Finding a laptop that has safer, reliable, and easy access can be difficult. A regular 4-key authentification can get hacked easily. And complex passwords can be hard to remember. 

Luckily, Evo-baed laptops must have biometric login options. So only you will be able to access your laptop. But most importantly, you won’t have to remember tough passwords or store your passwords on unsafe sites. You will be able to access your laptop using your fingertip or face!

Is Intel Evo Worth Buying?

So may still be wondering whether or not you should invest in Evo-based laptops. And our expert opinion believes that you should. This kind of technology is still relatively new, especially in modern-day portable devices.

We are expecting a huge shift in the laptop world where many devices will have similar features. So you may be thinking, why don’t I just invest in an Evo-based laptop in the future? 

The problem is, any future platform options that even slightly resemble Intel Evo, will only be a fraction of the benefits. Intel has created a strict and unique platform that will be hard to copy. 

So investing in an Evo-based laptop now, before the market becomes saturated with look-alikes, is a way better option!

Get an Intel Evo Laptop Today

Overall, Intel Evo promises a high perforce device with many great features. So why wouldn’t you want to invest in such technology?

If you enjoyed this article, do not forget to check out the rest of our blog for similar articles!


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