Rent Scaffolding
Rent Scaffolding

During construction of a building or working on external roof repairs, scaffolding is highly useful for the workers. 

Statistically, around 65% of construction industry professionals or 2.3 million workers work on top of scaffolds. They are highly efficient as support and speed up the construction process since construction workers can reach inaccessible areas faster. 

For the best experience, it is better to rent the equipment for each project instead of buying the wrong scaffold. At this point, take the time to research the scaffolding rental companies and their offers carefully for their safety quotients, cost decisions, and quality assurance. 

Here are some reasons why you should rent this equipment for your project instead of buying them.

1. Less liability 

The company in charge of construction projects is liable for any damages, accidents, and staff. For example, scaffolding is not highly safe if you use the wrong equipment or faulty scaffolds. 

Statistically, due to scaffold-related injuries or accidents, companies lose around $90 million due to workers missing workdays. Companies are responsible for paying the liability insurance bills and damage costs. So, you need to invest in the right kind of scaffolding for rent to reduce liability risk. 

2. Zero transport logistics

In a construction project, contractors and workers deal with many types of equipment. However, transporting them to the location is not the easiest to do each day of the project timeline. You can invest in vehicles for transport, but that adds up to the overall expenses. 

If you rent out to the scaffolding provider companies, they would add the transport to their overall tasks. 

3. Worker safely 

You can ensure better safety for your workers if you rent scaffolding during the construction processes. They can reach high areas safely with the built-in ladders. 

According to statistics, 72% of workers that got into scaffolding-related injuries stated the top reasons being slipping off or support loss. Choose the best scaffolding rental Dubai has to offer after thorough research and work with a certified service provider only. 

4. Pedestrian health safety

There are naturally more people in particular areas, like cities. Here, working on construction projects in population-heavy spots like the side of the road is not the safest for pedestrians. 

Falling debris or equipment can hurt someone walking down the sidewalk. If you arrange the scaffolding around the building, it offers additional support to the structure. It ensures better security for the passers-by. 

5. Storage 

After completing the construction project, you might not have enough space to keep the scaffolding equipment if you buy it. In this context, renting is a better choice since the company offering scaffolds on lease takes it back afterward.   

6. Reduced expenses 

If you buy a mobile tower scaffolding or step ladder, that would add a depreciation cost. Plus, the value drops each time you use the product. 

Instead, by renting the scaffolding, you can save up on depreciation costs by paying as per hours/days.

Plus, the overall budget of scaffolding rentals is also less than buying the whole equipment. You have to spend additionally on the repairs and maintenance of the product after purchase to keep it in high-quality shape and functionality. 

However, renting the scaffolding is not as costly, since you would pay for the usage period only. The company offering these to their clients takes it back after construction agents use it, thus reducing the need for you to worry about maintenance. 

7. Renting period  

Another crucial point to focus on is the amount of time you need the scaffolding for. Some construction projects finish within 3 months, while some can take years to complete. 

In the case of the latter, buying scaffolding is not suitable since you would get to use it for a short period only. Thus, renting the scaffold at this point is more profitable. 

8. Zero installation concerns 

The professional rental companies offering the scaffolding to clients handle the installation process and additional service. If you buy the equipment, on the other hand, you have to manage the task of erecting and later dismantling the entire structure. 

Overall, this process would take up a lot of your time and is tiring as well. So, opt for rental services at this point, after checking that the company you are considering offers free installation service or not. 

9.Skilled staff 

A lot of the scaffolding companies employ skilled professionals that hold years of experience. They know more about scaffolding, its standards, maintenance needs, and applications for different situations. 

So, while renting out the equipment, you would get access to such expertise at hand, unlike if you purchase it from a wholesaler.

10. Variety available 

Many rental companies offering scaffolding services have a wide range of products for their clients to choose from. These include options like cherry pickers, mobile tower scaffolds, step ladders, aluminum trestles, and aluminum planks. 


Renting scaffolds is simpler to manage, reduces storage concerns, and is less costly. So, do this instead of buying the equipment directly. However, you should carefully select the scaffold product and the rental company before using these products. 

Research what offers are available and consider your project requirement as well.


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